What Are The Characteristics And Principles Of High Speed Centrifugal Spray Dryer?
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The high speed centrifugal spray dryer is special drying equipment that is suitable for the drying of emulsion, suspending liquid, paste, and solution. It is especially outstanding in dry and impetuous of polymers and resins, dyestuffs, color pastes, porcelain, glasses, rust removers, insecticidal agents, carbohydrates, dairy products, detergents and surfactants, fertilizers, organic compounds, and inorganic compounds.

high speed centrifugal spray dryer

High speed centrifugal spray dryer characteristics:

1. The simple production process, easy operation, and control, suitable for continuous operation: liquid with the moisture content of 40% - 90%, one-time drying into powder, reducing crushing, brushing and other processes;  

2. Dry manic faster, usually only 5-15 seconds, with instantaneous dry manic characteristics;

3. The raw materials should be dried in a short time, which is suitable for heat-sensitive raw materials. It can maintain the color, fragrance, and taste of the raw materials, and the purity and quality of the finished products are high.

4. The dispersion, circulation, and solubility of the product are excellent, and the granularity, bulk density and water content of the product can be adjusted within a certain range.

High speed centrifugal spray dryer principle: gas filters and heaters enter the gas distributor at the top of the dryer, and the hot air is spirally balanced into the dryer. The feed liquid is pumped to the centrifugal atomizer of the dryer from the feed liquid tank through the filtering device so that the feed liquid is sprayed into a tiny mist-like a liquid drop, and the feed liquid and hot air flow together to touch.

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